Wednesday, December 5, 2007

An MBam Bestseller!

Wow. Who knew the book would take off like it has? It may not last, but heck, it's fun while I'm in the midst of it. I'm talking about Enjoying the Show, which, after only its second day in release, has nabbed the #2 bestseller slot on Samhain's My Books and More (MBam) bookseller's list. I'm in great company. Joely Skye's Marked and Jaci Burton's Unwrapped, both books also released yesterday, have hit the list as well. So congrats to all and here's hoping the books continue to do well.

Big Smiles, Marie


Michelle Cary said...

Oh congrats on the bestseller status. The best I've ever managed was 7th. Usually the gals in the top five stay there for awhile so good luck!

Marie Harte said...

Thanks, Michelle. I was pretty stoked to see it there. But I know how fleeting being on "the list" can be with so many great reads coming out from Samhain.
So I'm enjoying it for now. :)