Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Words

How could I forget? Forgive me, Halloween stole my thunder.

This is from a story I wrote but never published, and still mean to get to--Service With a Smile. Isabel is a Seeker, trying to track down an amulet. Bum Bum. And this is her story. (Sorry, a little too much Law and Order in my diet. haha)

          “Remember, Isabel. It’s a large chest, and gleaming gems of emerald wink out from its face. Hard, sturdy material will protect what needs protecting.  The heart of the thing is pure, so treat it with gentle hands. You’ll find your compass encased in glass.”
            Shit.  Gertie’d been describing the Adonis under the water, not an actual compass to direct her toward the amulet.  “The compass encased in glass” wasn’t in the antique china cabinet, but in the damned see-through shower stall large enough to hold four grown men. 
            Staring bemusedly at her supposed “help,” Isabel groaned.  Gertie had really outdone herself. 
            The body underneath the shower spray made Isabel’s mouth water.  No normal undine, this male stood taller than her own formidable five ten, when most of his kind rarely reached five feet in height.  His broad chest and ropy muscles met the needs of a waterdweller, those powerful arms and torso no doubt aiding in his propulsion through the ocean…kicked into gear by those potent thighs and those tight glutes.  Which was to say nothing of the impressive flesh hanging both long and thick between his thighs.  She licked her lips.
            The stories she’d heard about an undine’s capability to bestow pleasure suddenly magnified while looking at him.  His long, blond hair clung to his scalp like wet silk.  And the ecstatic expression on his face as he turned into the spray above him made her think of bedsheets, naked bodies, and an undine’s compulsive need to please.
            He blinked in surprise when he finally noticed her and opened the shower door.  She still couldn’t hear the running shower, and figured him trapped in a spell of some kind.  Mishra? he mouthed.  His eyes, a bright, glowing emerald green, stared at her with an intensity that spooked her, as if he could see inside her soul.  His gaze remained locked to hers as his full lips curved into a wide, sensual grin.  And he slowly slid his gaze over her face, caressing her neck, her breasts, and lower still before rising to her breasts again.  Figured.  Most men couldn’t resist what she considered her best feature. 
            The undine licked his lips and immediately his cock rose, impressing her with its incredible length.  She swallowed hard, imagining taking that into her body, her mouth...
            He took a step forward, breaching the stall’s barrier,  and as he did so, the bubble around him broke.  She could now hear the running water and watched as he stepped onto the bath mat dripping wet, a giant wrench on her libido in the form of naked man.
            Towering over her, he inspected her from head to toe.  Mishra,” he said again, and she prayed they wouldn’t have a language problem.  She really was on a timetable, though her libido seemed to have forgotten the fact.
            “Um, Gertie told me you’d be here.  I’m Isabel.”
            He blinked and leaned closer, oblivious to the drops of water sliding from his body to hers.  “Isabel,” he murmured, his green eyes so bright they looked like neon. 
            “Look buddy, do you know Gertie or not?  I don’t have time for--”
            Too quickly to counter, he took her in his arms and stole her breath with a kiss.  A rock hard chest pressed her sensitive breasts as he sought and commanded her response.  His tongue penetrated, licking the cavern of her mouth and sucking on her tongue with such carnal need she actually melted in his embrace. 
            Growling low, he maneuvered her against the side wall bracing the shower and aligned his body tightly against hers.  She tried to catch her breath, but the sexual creature wouldn’t let her.  Instead, he deepened the kiss and dragged his hands under her t-shirt.  The feel of his cool wet palms against her back made her shiver.  He rubbed her back, first lower, then higher as he slowly, determinedly, stroked toward her ribs, her belly, and upward until he cupped both of her taut, aching breasts.
            “Oh, God.”  She arched into his hands and his mouth, wanting him in the worst way.  She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had sex, but she knew it hadn’t been anything close to this liquefying sensation.  Her bones felt like water, her head as if it swam in a pool of raw desire. 
            He broke free of her mouth and began licking and kissing his way down her throat.  His body felt like iron, his erection prodding to enter her as he continued to tease her breasts. 
            Stop, she thought, needing a moment.  How that hell had this happened?  Her mind refused to cooperate. 
            He thrust against her belly, and as if with a mind of their own, her thighs parted, allowing him better access.   He refused to touch her sex, though, as much as she needed him to.  She pushed, prodded and pulled, and still he continued his seduction without penetration. She thought he groaned, but her senses felt so skewed she couldn’t be sure.  Pure, sizzling desire filled her from head to toe, and she literally shook with the need to come, to feel him inside of her.  He thrust once more against her belly before nipping hard at her pulse. 
            And Isabel exploded. 
            Her body convulsed in a shocking orgasm that shook her entire world.   When she finally regained her senses, she saw his eyes shuttered, watching her as he fisted a hand around his weeping cock.  She stared through widening eyes as he suddenly tensed and came over his hand, jets of cum splashing over his palm, her belly, and her shorts.  And then his pale blue semen simply vanished as if it had never been. 
            “What, how…?” Speechless, she stared from his still semi-hard cock to her clean clothes.  A male undine?  Blue semen?   A man who could cause an orgasm without touching her clit, without even entering her?  Gertie must have enchanted the house with a pleasure spell, or some other witchy bullshit.  Hell, there was no way this guy was real.  He looked like perfection personified and had actually allowed Isabel to come before he did.  So not normal.  
            But when she took a good, hard, seeker look around her, she saw no otherworldly enchantments.  Just a mouth-wateringly naked undine.
            As she stared at him, his eyes twinkled and he bowed his head. 
            “My apologies, Mishra.”
            “I regret my loss of control.”  He didn’t sound regretful.  He sounded arrogant, male satisfaction bleeding through his soft words.  “I brought you to bliss much too quickly, too taken with my own needs.  My only excuse is that I hadn’t counted on my overwhelming reaction to you.  But I promise, it won’t happen again.  On my honor, you will know such ecstasy as none of your kind can conceive.”
            Isabel stared, flabbergasted.  “Who the hell are you?”

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