Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blog Tour: Book Binge/Wednesday Words

Book Tour: Book Binge.  Today I'm sharing an excerpt and am giving away a copy of Tip of the Spear at Book Binge.  Do you see the pattern here? Lots of chances to win a copy of an Amazon Western. :)  Read a book, save a brain. Check it out!

And because it's Wednesday, a steamy snippet from Mirror, Mirror, a fun Halloween romance from Loose Id.  

Once in the bathroom, Linc swore and opened his jeans to relieve the ache in his cock. He’d gone from semiaroused to rock-hard in an instant, and had no idea what the hell had happened. One minute he’d been handing out candy, the next he’d turned to find Mandy humping the air with the most erotic look on her face.

Her tits might as well have been bare. He’d seen the hard outline of twin peaks through her thin cotton shirt, and the dark glaze of desire in her eyes had brought him to…this?

Whatever this was. He’d been a hairbreadth from fucking her on the couch before something had grabbed his dick. Hard. The pressure felt like a fist, a very pleasurable fist that had him two seconds from blowing his load. The sheer amazement of that happening freaked him out, as well as the fact that had he not taken off for the hall bathroom, he’d have spewed in his pants in front of Mandy.

Now that he’d regained some control, he stared down at his cock with confusion. His erection was finally flagging, but he didn’t know why he’d sped from zero to sixty so fast. Well, maybe not from zero, not with Mandy around. But still, he’d never experienced such a hard-on, and never approached climax without some type of physical stimulation.

Maybe he’d finally lost it. Even before he’d seen that look in her eyes last week, he’d been building toward their joining. For four months he’d been celibate, dissatisfied with anyone but Mandy, the woman he obsessed over. The woman he loved, honesty compelled him to admit, and he groaned in defeat.

He’d used this stupid bet to lure her close, the possibility of having him under her control the bait he dangled gladly. At this point, Linc didn’t care who won.

Because one way or the other, he planned to be inside Mandy, skin to skin.

With a satisfied chuckle, he pushed himself back in his trousers and turned to face the mirror over the sink. He placed his hands on either side of it, staring at his shit-eating grin. No sex for four months, a clean bill of health from the doctor, and he’d spotted birth control pills in Mandy’s bag when he’d snooped earlier. Coming inside her would be heaven.

Discomfort returned when those thoughts stimulated him again. Dumb-ass. Think about something besides Mandy. Think about Nonna since it’s her house. His desire faded. Good. That’ll do. Taking a deep breath, he moved to snap his jeans when fire hit him squarely in the groin.

Without thinking, he shoved his jeans and underwear to his knees, sucking in his breath at the pleasure/pain of sensation around his cock. He suddenly dripped with precum, and his balls tightened up. His shaft pulsed, hungry with need, and he groaned when the urge to thrust hit him hard.

He wanted to stop, to move away from the whisper of wind over his responsive flesh. But an inner voice commanded him to be still, to let come what may. Linc knew Mandy could probably hear him groaning, but he didn’t care. He needed to come so badly.

Take it, warrior. Feel the need. Imagine her pussy. Her honeyed taste, the smooth cream flowing over your cock as you plunge deep inside…

Linc blinked in astonishment, not sure where the hell that thought had come from. Stunned anew, he felt a heaviness in his rectum, a slight burning of invasion that he’d felt once before. His last girlfriend had liked to stick a finger in his ass during sex, plunging into him while he’d plunged into her. Damned if he hadn’t liked it. Right now, that invisible touch had him thrusting into the ghostly fist around his cock. After several strokes that closed the gap on his orgasm, the finger suddenly disappeared. Something bent him forward, thrusting his ass out, and what felt like a mouth and tongue licked between his now-spread cheeks.

Holy fuck.”

Laughter rang in his mind. Holy fuck indeed.

Mirror, Mirror
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seelk said...

OMG! That was HOT! I have to get this book!

Marie Harte said...

:) I'd almost forgotten about it myself, but it's perfect for the holiday. Ghosts, menages, I mean, what's not to love? haha

Charity said...

I'm with seelk...holy crap! I'm buying this NOW.

Charity said...

I can't find this on Amazon. Can you post a link for it please?

Marie Harte said...

Hey Charity. Since the book is a Fling, a Loose Id short story, it's only available through Loose Id. They do have it in PRC format though. Hope that helps.
Here's the link: