Monday, October 29, 2012

The Return from Emerald City

Whew. Trying to catch my breath! What a great trip to Seattle. The weather wasn't pretty, which actually made staying in the hotel and conference even more enjoyable. The conference was a blast. With great people and well-run, the Emerald City Writers' Conference offered a lot of important information, wonderful keynote speeches by Susan Wiggs and Stella Cameron, and a ton of fun activities. I was able to meet a reader, the terrific Lindsey E., who won a raffle basket, as did my roommate (yes, it had to be rigged because I won nothing,) and I purchased some great books of my own.

I also got to meet the very talented Shelli Stevens and Karen Erickson, both of whose books I've read before and thoroughly enjoyed. I also danced the night away with Michelle, Amanda, and Jude, also featured in the picture below. (I should note, I picked up Amanda's latest release, True Highland Spirit, which I look forward to reading, along with Shelli's Holding Out for a Hero and Karen's End of Days anthology.)

from left to right, Jude, me, Michelle, Karen, Amanda, Shelli

And now I'm back to work and trying to make my own deadlines, so that when the real ones come knocking in December, I can cross them off my list. 
the lovely Westin Hotel in Bellvue with my roommate getting ready for dinner

the basket I donated. Marie Harte's Favorite Things (note the chocolate almonds...yum!)


seelk said...

looks like you had a good time!

Marie Harte said...

Hey Seelk. I had a GREAT time. And now I'm back and working. :) It's all good.