Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Words: Tip of the Spear

Thought I'd share a brand new steamy excerpt from Tip of the Spear, coming out next week!
Welcome to the New West, where the Nature Laws dictate who lives and dies by the way they treat the land, where carnivorous horses and blood trees are accepted mutations courtesy of the sky rocks, and where the Impact Zone separates the earth-friendly territories of the West from a more sophisticated, steam-powered East. Women are rare commodities, living in extended families with more than one husband, and children are a necessity in a world where sterility is often the norm, not the exception. Life is a challenge, full of romance, heartache, and adventure. Something one courageous, wounded Amazon will find out first-hand.


Pretty didn’t come close to describing her, but it was all he could manage. Green eyes dominated a face full of character and strength. High cheekbones, a slim nose and stubborn jaw hinted at control issues. Her full lips remained flat, though a rosy flush told him she wasn’t immune to his study. As Hinto looked at the rest of her, his body responded. How could it not? Despite the vest hiding her chest, this close, he could see the faint swell of her breasts against the denim underneath. She had a slender build, but no one fragile could take down the Appersons or these louts. She stood only a few inches shorter than his own formidable height. Were he to lean down, their lips would meet at the perfect angle…
She pushed away from him so suddenly she freed herself from his hold. She stepped back and continued to stand in silence, watching him without expression. After a few moments, she frowned, and her lips parted. He envisioned her on her knees, her mouth open to receive him, and he had trouble stifling a groan of pure need.
“What? Don’t tell me you’re too scared to talk?” he asked in a thick voice, captivated by the sweet femininity he could almost taste, wrapped in such a tough package. He’d seen a few women who could handle themselves, but none of them had been this fine. Or smelled so damned good. When the breeze blew, he caught a faint flowery smell, one he couldn’t identify, but one that seemed to encapsulate the woman before him. Pleasing, not overpowering, and addictive.
“I don’t suppose you’d like to thank me for helping you by meeting me at Kitty’s?” The cathouse rented rooms as well as provided services for paying clientele.
Definitely new to town. “Kitty House is a whorehouse, a fine one, with a red awning over the front porch.” Unlike Delware’s, Kitty didn’t advertise by forcing her women to hang out the windows and flaunt themselves half-dressed.
She blushed a bright red and focused on his mouth. “I have need of Kitty House.” She licked her lips, and he wanted to shout out thanks to his maker.
“You do?” He’d expected a refusal from this one. Not much shocked him, but this woman continued to surprise him. “Well, hell, follow me.”
He walked with a spring in his step, contemplating all the ways he planned to slake this sudden lust. The fatigue weighing him down seemed to have all but vanished. Conscious of her behind him, he wondered about her name, where she was from, what brought her here.
And then she walked around him to enter Kitty’s and requested a private audience with the madam.
“What the hell?” He walked in after her and saw DeeDee lounging in the blue room. Shit. He didn’t want to upset her, but he couldn’t possibly ignore the opportunity to slide between the thighs of this intriguing woman. He couldn’t explain his urgent need to possess her, but until he rid himself of it, he’d get no peace. He tried to follow her into the madam’s private quarters.
She stopped right in front of him and turned around with an irritated expression on her face. “Why do you follow me?”
“Honey, you said you needed Kitty’s. And I sure as hell need you.” He glanced down at himself, pleased when she followed his gaze and stared, her eyes growing wider by the moment.
“I—I do not need you. I need Kitty.”
Shocked anew, he watched her enter at Kitty’s invitation. Kitty shook her head and grinned. She winked, throwing brown ringlets in waves around her painted face before she closed and locked the door behind them.
Poleaxed, Hinto didn’t know what to think.  The woman had blushed, had looked at him with eyes that saw too much and not enough, and then sought out a woman for companionship. Yes, he wanted her, but Hinto Dakota didn’t fawn over any female.
Disgruntled and tired all over again, he spun on his heel and sought DeeDee. After a few expected niceties, he found himself in her room and soaking in a warm bath that smelled like pine. Pleasant, natural, and soothing.
“Ah, Dee, you know how to please a man.” Unlike some women.
DeeDee smiled knowingly and washed his back when he leaned forward. Like the others in residence, she tried to look years younger than her own age. He’d visited her on and off for a few years and knew she had to be older than the twenty years she advertised. Still, she had all the assets he required in a woman. Large breasts, full hips and the wherewithal to sate a man’s needs with no expectations of anything more.
“Lean back, sugar.”
He leaned back and spread his legs wide, knowing what came next. She didn’t disappoint. Dee reached into the soapy water, leaning low enough to show him those fine, round globes plastered to the sheer blouse that gaped at her cleavage. Her nipples stood stiffly beneath the fabric, and Hinto liked to think they grew hard just for him. Though Dee had always preferred him to any other customer in the place, he wondered if she desired him, his gold, or just sex in general.
Cupping him, she exerted gentle pressure on his balls before sliding her hand up and down his shaft, the way he liked. After his day spent chasing the Appersons and dealing with an infuriating woman who didn’t seem to realize she was one, he needed the break. But as his desire increased, he imagined the green eyed woman with her pouty lips and lean lines pulling on him, rubbing on him, sucking on him. His arousal grew.
“Oh, baby, that’s it,” Dee crooned and kissed his neck, his chest, his chin. Her hand moved faster and she began whispering in his ear. Things she wanted to do to him, things she would do to him after he came the first time. Things I want another woman to do to me without Kitty or anyone else present.
The thought of shoving hard inside his green eyed stranger made his heart race and his cock throb. To watch those expressive eyes widen and her ripe lips part as she came around him nearly undid him.
“Oh, you’re ready today, baby. So full for me,” Dee murmured as if from far away.
Hinto groaned and closed his eyes, needing the release. She flicked her thumb over him and stroked the spot just below the head of his shaft. Once, twice…  He shot hard, gasping for breath as a fog of pleasure consumed him. Emerald sparks glittered behind his lids, a blaze of color in tune with his passion. Time seemed to stand still as euphoric wonder overtook him. As he came down off his sexual high, he flushed at Dee’s grin.
“You needed it bad, hmm? A hard day?”
“You have no idea.” He sighed. “Thanks, Dee. Now how about that dinner you promised me?”
She nodded. “But not before I get a good look. Trust me, sugar. There is nothing finer in this life than the sight of a well hung man dripping wet. Especially one that looks like you.”
He shook his head and stood, aware that she told the truth about liking the look of him. He’d never hurt for companionship when he needed it, but he’d always chalked up the attention to his naturally large frame. Perfectly proportioned, he’d often heard said after a night in bed.
“I love your hair. It’s so dark it’s almost blue.”
Like his name. Hinto meant “blue hair” in Dakota, the language of his mother’s people. “Yeah, well it’s nothing compared to your beauty, Dee.” His gaze lingered over her breasts and he reached out, weighing a heavy mound in his hand. He shoved her blouse aside and lowered his head to suck on the stiff peak. “Mmm, almost as good as that steak you promised me.”
She laughed breathlessly and scurried out the door.
He toweled off and lay back on the bed. Clasping his hands behind his head, he had to force himself not to throw on his clothes and find out what the hell Green Eyes wanted with Kitty. Not my concern, he told himself. But the hell of it was, he couldn’t stop thinking about her, which aggravated the piss out of him.
Throughout his dinner, a massage, and another few romps with Dee that ended in cathartic orgasms for them both, Hinto forced himself to concentrate on the woman servicing him. A simple enough exchange. Gold for pleasure. No strings attached.  
He fell asleep with green eyes on his mind.

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