Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday--It's Back Again

Good morning, and good news!  Right Wolf, Right Time is now available for pre-order on Amazon. I get a kick out of seeing the cover up. I especially like the colors on this one. All of my other Cougar Falls books have been  reddish/brownish in tone. But this one is a dark blue. Moonlight and wolves. Love it!  

Funny story. One of my son's friend's mother came over to collect her child, who'd been playing with mine. She's a really nice woman, and we got to talking. One thing led to another and I told her what I do for a living. Naturally, I showed her my office. She thought it was pretty cool and wanted to read a book. And that's when it gets funny. I'm always leery about letting people read my stuff who aren't already romance readers. After warning her not to burn me out of the neighborhood, I had to choose my tamest romance.

So after looking through what I had left in print: a few Circe's Recruits books, Namesake, some Westlake Enterprises and Storm Lords books, I went with Storming His Heart. A m/f psychic romance. Sexy yet safe. Threesomes and more, as well as male-male interaction and bondage, are not for newbies. *grin*

Now back to my Skookum blend for the morning. Happy Monday. May your week be swinging-from-the-chandelier entertaining. :)


Susan W. said...

Hopefully she will get hooked on your books like the rest of us! I introduced my cousin to your books by gifting her the first Circe's Recruit book. Now, she had been reading straight romances for years and it was her first book with menage with m/m. Hooked her! She now has all the Circe's Recruits and related books plus others.

Marie Harte said...

Good to know I didn't scare your cousin off romance for life, Susan. :) I personally love m/m and menage stories, but I've been reading them for years. Here's hoping I didn't completely shock a fellow PTA parent. :) I can just imagine the pitchforks and burning romance books in my yard. heh heh

Diana Mcc. said...

You are a brave woman! You've probably made a new fan! And wouldn't that be awesome?