Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When Will It Be Done?????

I had thought the process would be fairly simple. Create office space with handy carpenter. He builds desk and bookshelves. Handy crew my mom uses all the time installs it. Bam, office.

Except some pieces didn't fit, and the crew didn't know exactly how they were supposed to go together, and the guy, who does incredible work, kept showing up later than promised to deliver things.

It's all working out well, but man, I've been super stressed since last Friday, when I was hoping to have the pieces to get the crew in for install. Needless to stay, my house is still not put together, but I was okay with that so long as I had an office to work from.

I've been typing from the kitchen table, having to come back to my mom's for Internet. Bleh. But today, the cable guy comes out to fix that problem. And I just left the guys at my place finishing the office. Yippee! I can live without a fireplace mantle, but an office? It's a must have. I'll share pictures once it's done. Fingers crossed...

One good note: I'm ready to send in Dean's (Cougar Falls cat shifter) story to my editor. So that's done. Now on to Monty, the wolf.

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