Wednesday, December 21, 2011


A new review from JERR--Just Erotic Romance Reviews--for Talson's Match.

Title: Talson’s Match
Author: Marie Harte
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Reviewer: Elizabeth Charles
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Heat Level: H

Romy traveled to Port Chase to commence an undercover investigation of some problems at his family’s shipping yard.
Before he arrived, his Otra powers allowed his to connect psychically with a woman named Tara in a sexual wet dream.

When he arrived he discovered that Tara was an Otra female who thought she was human. And the manager he was investigating at the shipping yard thought Tara was his territory. Romy wasn’t about to let Tara consider any other man but him.

I have read a few of the Talson series, but Talson’s Match was my favorite. There is some back story introduced but it
is minor, and the book can be read as a stand alone because the author deftly catches you up on the world building.

Fans of the series will enjoy the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with past heroes. There is a brief amount of family interaction, but not too much, so the story does not turn its focus from the main characters. One of Romy’s primary characteristics is that he has a lot of Otra talents and continually develops more than the average Otra. Meeting Tara activates even more of his gifts. Despite some convenient powers during fight scenes, the author does a good job of
not overwhelming this story with a string of new powers. The relationship between Romy and Tara was great to watch develop. One of the reasons I enjoyed this book the best was the sex scene where Romy and Tara bonded. His power came in handy, when instead of having to bring in a second male to finish the bond, Romy’s powers allowed him to duplicate himself for a hot ménage scene. Talson’s Match is a sexy entertaining installment in the Talson series.

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