Thursday, December 15, 2011

Edits and MORE Edits...A Good Thing

I skipped posting yesterday, because I am finishing putting my new house together. Working oven. Check. Blinds. Check. Mounted TV on the wall? Not yet... But I'm getting there. Despite the house interruptions, I was ready to start my next Cougar Falls story, about Monty GrayClaw, the lone wolf in the Catamount Pride, when I received edits and proofs to finish. Poor Monty is waiting patiently while cat shifters and psychics with grudges are corrected and edited.

Good news though! I have the proofs for Outfoxed, my next Cougar Falls book due out in March 2012, and the book looks terrific. I love the story even more now...that it's finished, that is. haha Grady, Burke's brother (first introduced in Rachel's Totem) meets his match in a cat/fox Shifter. Lots of pranks in this story--fun.

And Fortune's Favor, my m/m psychic suspense in which rivals become lovers, is looking fantastic. Fortune's Favor is part of my PowerUp! series about psychics, a kind of spinoff from the Circ books, where I introduced the concept of government agents with psychic backgrounds. The book has gone through second edits. Then on to more corrections from the final line editor. Then proofs, more corrections... One of things I really like about writing for Loose Id is that they are extreme about edits. And that's a good thing. There's nothing worse than reading a book with spelling and grammatical mistakes every other line. It can be frustrating as an author, because it means a lot of work to make the book right. But that's what I, as a reader, want. So writers, get to work!

And now, since I'm a writer, I'm getting back to work. Happy Thursday!

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