Monday, December 12, 2011

The Fun, The Frisky, and the Fat

Though I'd F it up today, and considering it's a Monday, why the F not?

The holidays, they are acomin'. Fast. I recently put up our Christmas tree, a real one that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Living in Oregon is already showing its perks. We had fun yesterday decorating while I cleaned pine needles off the floor. The tree looks really cool at night, but alas, my camera is on auto flash and I didn't have the patience to adjust it. So I took the picture and hopped on the computer to download it.

More fun: A contest winner recently sent me her manuscript to edit, and for once I get to go over someone else's work with a fine tooth comb. So of course, I'm excited about the small break when my editor at Loose Id also hits me up with edits for Fortune's Favor, coming out in February. sigh. I was a leg up, and then not so much. Good news is my edits don't look too substantial...yet. So I'll be having fun with Author M's manuscript, a contemporary erotic novella, and I'll finish my edits for Ann without a sweat.

So where's the frisky, you might ask? Sorry to disappoint, but I'm talking about a frisky mind. My office is fully finished being painted and outfitted. Computer's hooked up, printer and Internet are working, and I have bookshelves that go to the ceiling. Yes, I'm in writer heaven. I also recently added my trusty cork board to the wall, where my pictures of Clint Eastwood, Garfield, myriad notes, title ideas, and my writing schedule for 2012 await. Joy! Seriously. These comforts help me work. I start Right Wolf, Right Time today. And after leading up to his story in Dean's tale--A Matter of Pride, which I just handed in to my editor--I can't wait to dig into Monty's love life.

Now for the fat part of my post...I have not been exercising in forever! I've got to stretch my legs a bit. Playing wall-ball with my kids over the weekend doesn't count. So my schedule today is to be available for a possible important phone call, get kids to school, perhaps take important call, exercise, write, write, and write. School lets out on Friday, which is great for the kids, not so great for my production. It'll be a busy, busy me for the next few days.

I'm also utterly behind on all my Christmas shopping (13 days left and counting) so if I'm sounding too perky for a Monday morning, fear not. I'm already playing catch-up on the holiday. Cheers.

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