Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Blow-Out

Is there anything worse than blowing up your first chapter and starting over? Hell. I'd written a great first chapter the other day, then got stuck. Why? Because I'd set up the scene all wrong. Too muddled and wanting to get words down, I lost myself in the muck of a deadline instead of staying true to where my muse (and I) want the story to go.

Long story short, I scrapped the first 2400 words and rewrote it. Which leaves me with a great 3400 words and places to go. As in, back to the story. So I leave you to write once more. Back to my novella, in which a bear shifter falls in with a demon hunter to rout an evil scourge killing demons and Shifters alike. Add in a smarmy feline, and there's one chaotic, confusing, aggressive threesome blossoming under my fingers...on the keyboard, you understand.

Now go blow up your own Labor Day. And have a good one.

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