Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Book Recommendation: BROKEN

A book recommendation: BROKEN

I'm all about good bargains, and I love Changeling stories. By Changeling stories, I mean the actual publisher, Changeling Press (with whom I'm not affiliated in any way--hmm,maybe I should write a few short stories...) Anyway, their stories don't go over 28,000 words. And their prices are under $5. Most books are around $2 or $3, and the stories are fun. Short and sexy, they offer scifi, fantasy, and hot tales sure to curl your toes.

I've been following Malathix Souls. One, because my friend Ayla Ruse wrote the series, and two, because I like the books. It's scifi romance involving shapeshifters, so I'm totally in.

I just read Broken. Great story, and it was a complete standalone from the first one. Check it out...


Ayla Ruse said...

Wow! Thanks, Marie! I'm thrilled you like the series. And guess what...Jagged, book 3 of the Malathix Souls, will be out in October!!

Marie Harte said...

Great, Ayla. I can't WAIT to read Jagged. :)