Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beginnings: Fortune's Favor

Beginnings are exciting, fun, scary, bright. They introduce new worlds and thoughts and dreams. And they can bring new disasters as well. (Hey, it's early and I haven't had my coffee yet. I'm entitled to a small bit of negativity.)

Yesterday I finished the draft that's taken me a lot longer to complete than I'd thought. But I did it, and now it's done. Which leads me to my next project. I have the idea, the flesh of the plot, and the characters. And now I get to do what I love about writing. I mull.

I sit around and think about what these characters are really like. How do they react to certain situations, or to each other? What kinds of conflicts will push them closer or farther away from one another? I ponder, I dwell, and I add all kinds of ingredients to my story stew. Then I let them simmer while I write.

In Fortune's Favor, psychics Avery Holton and Nathan Kraft are heading down a dark road filled with secrets, lies and murder. Along the way, they'll find answers and a truth in each other. That's if they can survive the murderer bent on ending Nathan, once and for all.

Ooh. I love clear evil, and this baddie is pretty psycho. Even better, the heroes are intriguing. Sexy, frustrated, and fighting the attraction. I like a romance where the protagonists at first irritate each other, then gradually fall in love. And of course the irritation masks attraction.

Nathan and Avery were briefly mentioned in Whispered Words. But here they are, ready to get their own story. Good luck, guys!

From Whispered Words:

Nathan stopped and turned with Avery to watch Chloe, their hard-assed boss, giggling as her new boyfriends, lovers, hell, fianc├ęs, dragged her out of the gym.

“They’re going home. To have sex.” Avery said it like it was an unknown phenomenon.

“Yes, Avery,” Nathan said slowly, as if to a dimwitted child. “That’s when a man puts tab A into a woman’s slot B. Get it?”

Avery turned and punched him in the gut, hard. His blue eyes gleamed with amusement. Not ice-cold like Jack’s, Avery’s eyes reminded Nathan of sapphires, priceless and shining with a wealth of feeling.

“You keep pushing me, dimples, and one day I’m gonna give you what you’ve been asking for.”

If only. Avery was so straight he could barely color outside the lines. “Whatever, Romeo. And quit calling me dimples,” Nathan snapped. The guy annoyed him like nobody’s business.

But he couldn’t make himself turn away from that fine ass as Avery strutted from the room like a proud peacock.

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