Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Could You Be Any Louder????

So okay. I'm temporarily staying with my mother while I find a house to move into. Yes, I've moved from the Southeast to the Northwest, and I'm loving the change. What I don't love is the woman next door who talks so friggin' loudly on her cell phone that people in China can hear her. And lucky me, I'm trying to work inside, my window open to let in the nice air...and her VOICE. She has one volume. Loud. Talking, laughing, gabbing on her cell phone for two--yes two--hours. I'm not sure how to ask her to tone it down. I'm not afraid to, but this isn't my house, and she just moved in next door, so I'd rather be nice than nasty. I'm going to give it a few days and see if her habit of telling everyone about the state of her marriage, via the phone, is a trend. Man, do I really want to move into my own place! But you know, it's quiet right now, I'd better hurry with work...

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