Saturday, May 28, 2011

Upcoming Release! Talson's Net

Coming to Ellora's Cave June 1st! Talson's Net, the third in the Talson Temptations series.

Kidnapping Rowe Trainer, co-heir to Chartrell Shipping, might not have been the smartest thing Val Talson’s ever done, but he wants answers, fast. He couldn’t have expected the beautiful little bully to be half-human, nor could he have anticipated she would turn the tables on him so easily.

His violent arousal in her presence baffles him. Lust he appreciates, but the deeper draw to his rival makes little sense. Except soon he can’t think of anything but Rowe. When he finds her again, he gets more than he bargained for—piracy, attraction not only to Rowe, but to her bodyguard as well, and the shock of her Selection—a female Otra’s readiness to mate. But Val doesn’t intend to give in easily. He’ll handle rogue saboteurs, Rowe’s larger-than-life guard, and the idea that he’s entered the Testing, the time in an Otra’s life when he’s ready to bond to his destined mate. As for Rowe…Val’s more than willing to give her what she deserves. And then some.

Note: This book also has scenes of m/m and menage interaction


Ayla Ruse said...

Oh God I love the cover. Fantastic, Marie!

Marie Harte said...

Thanks, Ayla. I like it too. :)