Monday, May 2, 2011

Recharging Batteries

There's more to positive thinking than just thinking positive. Confused yet?

Once a week, or thereabouts, I get together with a great friend who also writes romance. We talk about the industry, our families, kids, husbands, gripes and issues. Venting really helps. It's like by talking about the bad stuff, we let it go so it no longer affects us. And by discussing the good in our own lives, we pick each other up.

I was in a slump last week, and I'm not sure why. But my friend just scored a new contract, and I was so excited you'd have thought I earned that contract. Her positive lifted me up, and I let all that negative energy go.

The energy talk sounds ridiculous, but it's true. It's so easy to get bogged down in bad feeling. The worst is when you're feeling up and friends or family drag you down. Not healthy, at all. Heck, as far as my feelings, I don't even know why I was feeling off my game. My family is good, writing is fine, no bad stuff to report. But now I'm back up on a high note. I'm finishing edits on a book to send in to my editor. And I'm gearing up for two releases this week. (Yes, this has been a VERY busy time for some reason.) To Hunt a Sainte comes out in print with Samhain, and RetroCog comes out in ebook from Loose Id...tomorrow!

Now back to work and back to happy thoughts. Hope your Monday is happy as well.

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