Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Crazy Morning

Wednesday morning: Crazy times. Or what I call, every single morning.
Here's the routine:
6:45 Hit snooze.
6:55 Wake up late, nag 6 yr old into moving
7:10 Drag 6 yr old downstairs to join 7 yr old, who is waiting. Feed children
7:11 Let dogs out. Get dogs back.
7:15 Feed dogs. Feed cats. Turn on fish light
7:20 Make kids' lunches
7:21 Continue to nag children to eat and stop playing
7:24 Break up fight
7:35 Drag kids to bus stop
7:45 Get kids on bus. Crap. Trash day. Forgot.
7:50 Put trash can at top of drive. Go get mail, put in mailbox.
8:00 Breathe
8:01 Read email
8:20 Get to Work!!

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