Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Tax Man Cometh, and Other News

Back, Tax Man! I have filed and mailed your precious offering. My sacrifice is now complete. Hence, begone!!!

Yeah, taxes are finally done. What a pain in the &*"?%!!@ butt. Funny thing is I started them a month ago. I got the hard part done, my schedule C for writing, complete with a bazillion receipts. But I just kept procrastinating adding my husband's W2s. Anyway--DONE.

Good News:
* In order to print out my taxes (can't e-file because one of my employers is international and has no EIN), I had to buy a new printer. The old one was possessed. And now I'm excited about my HP 6500A Plus all-in-one. Shiny, a touch screen, and so pretty...
* Ellora's Cave has accepted Talson's Test, the next in my futuristic Talson series. Now I need to get busy on paperwork.
*I'm down to my last--hopefully--series of edits for Retrocog, coming to Loose Id in May. It's a paranormal/romantic suspense/erotic romance.
*Nearly done a special project consuming my time. I'm dotting every I and crossing every T, twice.
*Halfway done Grady's story. Poor Grady. He's a cat shifter from my Cougar Falls books,and every time it looks like the poor guy will get lucky, another priority project interrupts him. Time to get back and write his happily ever after.
*Have to finish reading a friend's story. I'm working on it, Kim!

Now I need to collect my kids and go buy flowers. It's beautiful outside. Planting season. Oh, and it's hell on allergies. Damn azaleas...

Happy Wednesday.

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