Thursday, April 21, 2011

Talson's Test: Coming Soon!

I just found out Talson's Test is coming out April 29th, much sooner than I'd anticipated. Hooray! I totally rewrote this book from scratch, and I love the way it turned out. There are four Talson brothers. Roarke met his match in Talson's Wait. And now Zaret--Z--has found a fiery woman all his own in Talson's Test.

On April 29th, Talson's Test releases from Ellora's Cave. Here's a short blurb and excerpt...

Zaret Talson ‘Or Fal—Z—knows what he wants, and it isn’t a mate. But when he’s besieged by dreams of a sexy woman scorching the skies when she’s not entwined with him and his brother, he fears the dreams are a sign of his future.

His brother looks forward to the threesome—all the fun without the commitment. Z wants to run the other way, because he’ll be tied to her if she proves to be his. He’s foreseen it.

Adri ‘San Fal may look human, but like Z, she’s Otra, an alien species not altogether welcome on Earth. Part of a particular clan of Otra who can handle fire, she’s blonde, unlike the majority of her kind. Hiding in plain sight is easy—until her past finds her. Desperate to escape, she runs into the one man destined to be her doom, or her salvation.

To read an excerpt, click here.

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