Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pandora's Last Gift

When Pandora opened the box that let out all the evils into the world, she closed it before she could let out hope. Then, at Zeus's urging, she released hope as well. A dangerous emotion, a powerful emotion. Hope motivates us, tortures us, and gives us that zest for bigger and better things.

I'm a writer. I deal with nothing so concrete as 2+2=4, but with the subjectivity of agents and editors and readers. What one person loves another hates, and vice versa.

I recently circulated a new project to a few agents and editors. Thus far I've been inundated with NO's. I expected some, didn't expect others, and have been drowning amidst the the pressing desire to just quit. But persistence, as well as talent, pay off in this business.

After a few days of depressing rejections, I had an enlightening conversation with a friend of mine. And low and behold, hope returned. On wings of maybe and almost yes, hope stirs me to continue, to press on and resubmit. For every no, there's the possibility, the hope, that my story will garner a yes.

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