Monday, March 8, 2010

Desk Affairs

You know, rereading what I titled this post, I had a moment where my mind was in the gutter. Desk affairs. Where the guy grabs the girl, throws her on the desk and...

See, that's not what I meant, not at all (unfortunately.) I'm talking about the state of my mind in conjunction with my desk. In a non-sexual, transcendental kind of way.

There is just something about organization and a clean desk that enhances my creative process. It's like the physical mess on my desk translates into a jumble of words and images in my head with no cohesive meaning.

But clean out the old desk, file papers, throw out trash, and dust, and wow, I can think again. I'm looking forward to finishing up my latest WIP, that's if I have a good week where I write a chapter or two each day. It's very possible once I kick it in gear. Unfortunately, I allow myself to become easily distracted without coffee or a clean kitchen. Yep, have to do the dishes before I can settle down to write. Weird, but it's a process. And now that my desk is clean, I can set out my notes, put the coffee mug on the coffee warmer, and type until my fingers cramp. Yeah, that's what I consider a great day.

Now back to my coffee and back to work.

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