Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Work Done, Work To Do

I love this picture of Grover. He's either yelling because he's annoyed or because he's excited. Today, he's excited.

I finished Hayashi's Hero and sent it off to my editor. I also finished the revised Seriana Found and sent that off to my editor. Note to self: DO NOT attempt to work on two projects at once again.

In other news, I resent a submission to a new publishing house that I sent in December, because my manuscript floated away in cyberspace. &^%$#@@!! Internet. And I'm waiting on a*fingers crossed* contract from another publisher, which may or may not be the start of something big. Only time will tell.

Now to the dreaded synopsis... Okay, that's Grover yelling in annoyance now. I have managed to procrastinate work on a synopsis for a 90000 word long project. sigh. Someone save me. Please.

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