Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reviews, and an Upcoming Interview

Reviews are funny things. From a writer's perspective, good ones make you feel good. Bad ones make you feel terrible. And the crazy ones make you wonder just how badly the reviewer was feeling before she read your book.

I follow some review sites, even choose books to purchase on the basis of a review (plus a look at the book's blurb.) In this day and age, with the cost of books being what they are, it pays for me to be choosy about where I spend my money.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews (JERR) is one group I belong to that gives pretty decent reviews. They don't hand out 4s and 5s to everything they read. They have been known to give 2s and 3s, and they don't come across as mean about why they don't like certain work. Now, I may not agree with everything they say, and I've read a few books the reviewers didn't like, yet I loved, but for the most part, I like JERR's opinions on books.

On Feb 7th, my interview with JERR will be posted, and I'm offering 3 books, 2 e-books, 1 print, to lucky winners of JERR's contest. If you're not a member of JERR, you might want to join. It's free, and they give a great perspective of romance you don't always get in RT Book Reviews, a print magazine that reviews romance. RT mandates that you buy advertising to get a review. JERR doesn't.

Anyway, just a heads up about next week. And if you're curious, take a look at JERR to see what you're missing. They have a readership of 6000 and growing.

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