Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Release: Creations Volume 1

Creations Volume 1 is out today, available from Total E-Bound in one print anthology. Included in this book are my futuristic stories The Perfect Creation and Creating Chemistry.

Here's a blurb: Enjoy!

The Perfect Creation

Knocked out and kidnapped by a beautiful fugitive who’s mistaken him for someone else is enough to turn Rafe’s day from bad to worse. A peacemaker, he’s sworn to uphold the law. But Erin brings out his protective instincts, as well as the mating urges he’s thus far in life been able to deny. When he learns this special woman is a Creation, an abomination in the eyes of the System and one that is to be terminated on sight, Rafe doesn't just bend the rules, he breaks them. Now he just has to convince Erin his love is real.

Creating Chemistry

Rescued from a lab where she was Created, Anin has had to learn a lot in little time. There's a death sentence on her head, and her two self-designated protectors don’t seem to understand her. Designed to yield, Anin craves submission the way she craves air. The powerful Fas brothers like her, but they don't seem to comprehend how very much she longs to call them “Master." But Nu and Set are a quick study, and it isn’t long before they’re commanding her body, heart and soul.

Available now at TEB

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