Monday, September 28, 2009

A New Day

Today marks a new beginning. My Pre-K-er, who's four, was not selected (lottery, they pick your name out of a box) for a state funded school program so I was taking him to a Mother's Day Out program at a local church a few times a week. I figure I managed 2-3 hours of work per day while he was there. He liked it because he got to socialize with other kids.

However, with so many students needing schooling, the county has expanded the Pre-K program. My little guy is going to full time school as of today, 8:30-3:30. I just have to provide the transportation. He's so excited to eat in a "cafeteria." They could be serving cat poop and he'd eat it, just for a chance to eat off a tray and sit at that tiny table.

He's excited, and I'm excited. My kid will get gym class, art class and music in addition to learning and playing with others his own age. And I get an added three hours of work time. I'm curious to see how much I can get done, and so, back to work...

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