Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dawn of New Day

Today marks day #2 of my free time to write mode. With all the kids in school, except the 19 year old, and we won't get into that here, I have a full day to write. Second day started with a bang.
--Everyone got to school on time if not early.
--Littlest guy complained about hating his new school, because mat time (nap time) is toooo looonnggggg.
--I dried his tears, distracted him with a book at school, and bugged out. Tough love, cut the cord, etc.
--I exercised this morning. Yeah, the ground was shaking. Not from the miracle of my exercise, but from excess jiggle as I flopped around the block. Ugh. Such a long way I've fallen from my time in the USMC. ack. Gotta get back on (or is it off?) the wagon.

Getting ready to hit the java juice and type for a few hours. Chow!

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