Monday, September 14, 2009

(*&#!$$ Internet!!!

All day today the Internet has been wacky with connectivity issues that make me long to take out a gun and friggin' shoot my computer!

If I seem to be ending all my ING words with in', it's because I'm working on a quasi-western where folks tend to say gonna and done gone and hell yeah. I'm hoping that's not as irritating to read as it looks. But we'll see.

So my latest quandary... Fringe and Supernatural are now on the same night, Thursdays, at the same time, 9pm EST. Time to TiVo, if only I had TiVo. So I have to record one and watch the other. Of course it should be Supernatural I watch, but I like viewing Fringe with the husband, so we'll see. And why am I worried about television when I still want to see 9 that's out in theaters? Not to mention the books coming out/already out... Heat Seaker by Lora Leigh, the latest Karen Hawkins historical, and of course, Dark Slayer by C. Feehan. Man, oh man, time to reward myself,,,,just as soon as I finish this friggin' WIP.

See? There it goes again. That dang in'.

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