Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Tutorial for the Hopeless, er, Me

So I'm taking an online class about blogging. Heck, it took me six months to realize how very easy Blogger is to use. Then it took me nearly as long to blog regularly. Now I miss only one or two days a week, vice the weeks I used to go between posts.

And yet, does it really matter? Sometimes I think I'm talking to myself on this thing. I wanted to blog to use it as a tool to attract readers. But as I started posting, I also wanted to use it to share interesting tidbits, commentaries, and ideas with people in general.

I'm still ignorant of etiquette. Am I supposed to respond to every comment on my blog? Am I then supposed to visit other blogs and comment there? What if I don't have the time to search all over the Internet? I mean, right now, as I write, I should be doing a half dozen things around the house or typing my story. Instead I'm "blogging."

The mysteries of the blog-o-sphere captivate me, mostly because I still can't grasp what exactly blogging can do for me, or what people really want to read. I'd love to know. Really. And don't get me started on Facebook, of which I still beg no part.


LDWatkins said...

Hi Marie! I like your blog. It's a nice blend of you!

Elle said...

Personally, I use my blog as a sort of online diary and write what I want to write, not what I think others want to read about. So saying, I'm not a published author and using my blog to reach out to readers or anything even remotely along those lines. As a reader, I enjoy hearing news about upcoming releases and works in progress, of course. But I also like the chance to get to know my favorite authors to a certain extent because I feel like it enhances the reading experience, making it more personal as it were.

I enjoy reading your blog and certainly don't expect a response every time I comment here. Nor do I feel like you are obligated to check out the personal blogs of your followers. Etiquette schmetiquette... I say just go with the flow!

I think a blog is a reflection of it's creator and as a reader, we can take it or leave it. I for one, will take it any way I can. :)

Marie Harte said...

Thanks, LD.

:) Marie

Marie Harte said...

Good points, Elle. As a writer, I'd wanted to use this blog to help promote my work. But that gets boring, fast. Only so many times you can say, hey, look at my books! I don't even go to those blogs often. What draws me are posts about intriguing posts written well. Could be about kids, animals, a hot topic in the news. So I'm wondering how those folks come up with such interesting topics.
:) Marie

Nara Malone said...

Hi Marie. I know that feeling of talking to yourself. And yes, I think I have felt all the things you talk about in your post. I don't have any books to sell and I just blog about the things I'm passionate about. I think being nice to people and encouraging them along where you can, saying thanks when they take time out to encourage you is all you need to do. I recently started just blogging through a character's voice and rather than have to force myself now, I'm feeling like I'm hitting my zone and really enjoy blogging. Find something you love to talk about and let the words flow.

Victoria Janssen said...

I figure you have to be having fun blogging or there's no point. For me, commenting and answering comments is part of the fun.

Christine said...

I just ramble on about whatever nonsense flows through my neurotransmitters that day. The fact that people actually take the time to read it still amazes me. I say do it for you and don't worry about the rest. It will all fall into place eventually.