Friday, June 5, 2009

My Friend Google

Google is probably one of the best and worst Internet functions invented. The floodgates of information are there at your fingertips. You can spend hours wading through information that seems important but really isn't. Or you can learn things you never expected.

Did you know Marie Harte is not only an author, but a medical doctor, a young student (no, that's not me on Facebook and I'm not from Manchester), a female scientist, and an artist (Marie Hart without the "e")?

My mother laughingly brought this to my attention earlier today. I wanted to show her a picture of my new furniture--JOY! I finally got my dining set delivered late yesterday--and told her to go to my blog. God love her, my mother is clueless about computers. I've only had a Marie Harte website for four years, and she still asks me for the URL. After I reassured her that she didn't need a membership, password, or fee to see my blog (sigh) she tried to look for it. She Googled my name to find my blog and was astonished by how often my name appears.

Hello? Writing books, Mom. Still, she had a point. You can find a lot about someone or something by Googling it. I often Google book titles before I use them, to make sure no one else is using them. And I'll do the same with bizarre character names, to make sure my futuristic heroes' names don't translate to "impotent geek" in Romanian, or something equally worse. (Dont' get me started on Drekk.)

Ever Google yourself? You should try it. You'll be surprised at what you find.

Happy Friday.

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