Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fictionwise News and More

Following in the footsteps of the first two Circe's Recruits books, Circe's Recruits: Derrick has hit the Fictionwise bestseller list in erotic romance.

This series has been a fun journey for me about how to successfully write a series. I wrote all four books in order. No time off to write anything else--well, except for one short story that turned into a novella. I stayed true to the characters and really delved into the world they live in. And best of all, my publisher released the books in a timely fashion, ensuring some momentum for a new series.

So I'm glad to see others enjoying my Circs as much as I did. And I'm also happy to say that the four new Circs that get introduced in CR: Hale will also get their stories.

Jules, Hayashi, Fallon, and Tersch will start their own adventures later this year, after a few of my other projects are done. These Circs are very different from the originals. They have complications that make them more than a challenge. And of course, they have an evil archenemy desperately in need of his own comeuppance. Insert evil laughter here. Now I just have to write the books, hope Loose Id likes them enough to publish them, and not stop until the very last book is done.

Now back to my current work in progress...


Anonymous said...

Congrats for Derrick being on the BSL at fictionwise, he's alwyas been my favorite. And, I am so excited that you are continuing the world of the Circs. It's going to be hell waiting for the new stories though.

Marie Harte said...

Thanks Vegan! You think it's going to be hell waiting for the stories, I think it's going to be hell writing them! haha. The first and second story will be easy, smooth. But that third and fourth...well, they'll get tricky, just like the first bunch did. But I'm looking forward to revisiting the Circs. These new guys aren't going to be easy, and they're just, well, different. Even Doc doesn't know what to make of them. Can't wait to get to them later this year!!! Marie