Thursday, June 11, 2009

No More Drama

What is it about teenagers that invites so much angst? As the mother of a 16, almost 17-yr-old, and a 19-yr-old with the common sense of his first grade younger brother, I seem to be running in circles lately. Decisions made in the heat of pubescent turmoil never come out right. Not attending college classes? A no-no. Deciding to go a particular school to follow friends and for no other particular reason? Also not smart.

Recently, I'm dealing with my daughter. A new high school in our zone has recently opened. But instead of making the decision easy by telling kids they can only go where zoned, the district has so nicely left the option open for seniors to pick their school. The old one, or the new one? The old one barely meets state standards, has a high truancy rate, and has little (besides us) parental involvement. The new one looks pretty, but it's new, and apparently this is a bad thing. Some of her friends are going to the old, some to the new. Since it's a split, I say she should attend the new school. She's not worried about class standing or activities, and if she goes to the new school, she'll have a brand new band instructor from a great band program. Oh, and if a car breaks down or gas goes back up to five bucks a gallon, she can take the bus. Otherwise, we're out of luck. No county transportation to the old school.

Sigh. All of this turmoil seems ridiculous, but it's throwing my creative muse into a tizzy. I can't write. I need to have this matter settled, and my daughter needs to get her head on straight and prepare for the new year with an open mind. But being sixteen makes mountains out of molehills, so I know to expect massive drama. Hell, I've already dealt with it. I just want it to be over, and I want her to be happy.

(PS. Why did no one mention the teenage years when I said I wanted to have kids????????)

I'm already behind on where I wanted to be with my manuscript. And with birthdays and Father's Day looming near, I'm getting even more behind. sigh. I need more chocolate.

Hope your day is better than mine.


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