Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Ranting--warning, this is an idiotic post

I didn't get much sleep last night, so I really shouldn't be posting right now. My son had a nightmare that wouldn't go away, and when he could finally get to sleep, I was stirred up, not able to rest. So now I'm crabby, in one of those, "everything annoys me" moods. But what the hell, this might be entertaining.

Rant #1: My three-year-old hates naps. Great. He'll complain for 2 freakin' hours about how he doesn't need a nap, so that if he does actually go down, he'll be up all night. And if he stays the course and doesn't nap, he's a real pain in the behind later in the evening. (Yeah, all of my family does poorly with little sleep.)

Rant #2: I was doing some blog hopping today, because I'm not writing. And that annoys me. Can't get in the right frame to finish my @#^%&*! book. Everywhere I see other people ranting about stupid crap. Okay, this is a stupid blog too, so wow, I just joined the multitudes out there.

Granted, I'm only hearing one side of an argument reading a blog, but come on. One lady is pissed a review site hasn't posted her paid-for advertising. She paid them, sure, so she deserves her stuff advertised. But waiting two days to hear back and then going off because she hasn't? Hello? My own editors sometimes take three days or more to get back to me, and those are decent, professional folks (NCP excluded--that's a whole other rant.) Now I happened to have some insider scoop on this one blog post, so I'm irked that this person is making a huge fuss because no one got back to her right away. I also happen to know she was given some freebie stuff to make up for having to wait a whole week before hearing back from someone (not necessary but shows the review site is attempting to make right a perceived wrong.) But the ranter never posted about any of that. If you're gonna blackball somebody, give everyone the bigger picture and let them decide. Why does this irk me? Read on and you'll see.

Rant #3: I hate having to watch what I say on my own blog. I once posted about people using excessive--note, EXCESSIVE--profanity. I thought they were ignorant of good words to use, having to rely on f*ck to get them through a conversation. I'm not sure how, but some people read the post, took offense, and managed to turn my words back on me. Apparently, I'm a prude and intolerant of real words used everyday in the English language by intelligent, educated folks. Like all of my heroes scream, "Darn it, you doodlehead of a villain! Put that gosh-golly gun away." My blog post was quoted out of context and put up on an RWA bulletin board, whereby lots of folks added their two cents without reading what I really wrote here. (Yes, this event happened a while ago. Hey, I'm Sicilian. We hold grudges, especially when no one ever apologized for making a big stink out of nothing.)

Rant #4: I've gained a ton of weight, need to exercise, and have no energy. I'm ranting about this too. A woman + poor body image= typical reason to bitch. My ass is becoming a permanent fixture in my desk chair, and unfortunately, is beginning to share the same width as said chair!! Horror!

Rant #6: I have so many things I want to write, but not enough time to get to any of them. And with my previously mentioned cute little monster of a 3-yr-old not wanting to nap, I'm losing more time during the day when I SHOULD be writing. So why are you typing here on your blog when you should be writing your story, you might ask? ACK!!! Good point.

Rant #7: The cupboards are becoming bare. I need to go grocery shopping. I HATE grocery shopping. I actually loathe it.

Rant #8: If I find one more empty Coke can around the house, I'm going to bend my husband over and shove it up his *ss. 'Nuff said.

It's scary to think I could go on, but I need to let go of this stress and just write for the small half hour I've got until the next child comes home from school.

I've had better days. But I'm not that much of an idiot that I'm not grateful for (knock on wood) a healthy family and steady finances, enabling me to watch my little monsters during the day. I feel better for ranting, and if you don't like my post, feel free not to comment. I would say f*ck off, but I'm a bit prudish about those kinds of words, didn't you know?

Have a nice day.

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