Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quickie Contest: EMERGENCE

Want to win a free copy of Emergence? Simply post on today's blog. Random thoughts, a response to this post, anything at all. If you found out about the contest from Romance Junkies, let me know that too. I'll draw a random winner tomorrow at noon EST, so as long as you post before then, you're good. The winner will be announced on this blog.

Here's a blurb about the book, my second vampire novel to date.
Since humanity accepted the existence of vampires in their midst, life has become impossibly more difficult for Deacon Cain, former Marksdale police officer and current member of the Nox Squad. Nox Liberi--Latin for Night Children--the politically correct term for vamps--are running amuck in the city turning humans into mindless addicts. Vamps have turned their alluring pheromones into a profitable enterprise, a rising street drug known as vamp venom. And for an ex-cop like Deacon, the existence of vamp venom is one he can't and won't tolerate.

Joining Perimore Corporation to fight in the Nox Squad, Deacon spends his time putting rogue vamps behind Perimore's bars and ridding the streets of venom. But a mission gone wrong leads Deacon to Hope Bradley, a vamp with secrets that might be Perimore's downfall. Because Hope is Deacon's future, and she'll lead him on the path to a truth that will change his life and his world forever.

Click here to read an excerpt.


Pamk said...

wow this one sounds great. i love the whold idea of vamp venom and the cops chasing it.

Cathy said...

Hi Marie, just came over from the RJ group, and this looks like a great story. I enjoyed the excerpt, and who can say no to a sexy vampire/menage story?

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hi Marie, I just saw about your contest from Romance Junkies yahoo group. I would love to be entered for this giveaway.

Emergence sounds like a wonderful read. Love the cover also ;-) vampire & menage can't get any better than this ;-)


Donald said...

Came from the RJ group too. Seems like an interesting story; a gender-twist on Anita Blake??

Caffey said...

Hi Marie!!! Don't put me in the contest cuz I just bought this a few days ago and put right into my ebook reader!! I was looking for a vamp read and I remembered I had this on my wishlist (too AQP has a sale each month, it varies on which, but this novella (and other novels and novella's) are 25% off. I love shopping there! I'm falling for Deacon already!

Amy S. said...

Emergence sounds great!

Cherie J said...

I am here from the RJ group as well. This sounds like a great story.