Saturday, September 20, 2008

Meet Slim

I'm not a huge dog lover. I like cats. We do in fact have one dog, a black lab named Floyd, along with two cats, Molly (who hates everyone) and Annie. I had no intention of getting another pet. Like I said, I'm not into dogs except for Floyd.

So today my husband comes home from some volunteer thing my daughter was doing. He told me about a woman who had labs to give away to a good home or they were going to the Humane Society. She just couldn't afford the dog food anymore with seven dogs on her farm.

I'd always fantasized that if I did have a dog of my own, I'd have a vanilla lab who would walk next to me on a leash, vice dragging me for walks as Floyd does. I decided to go look at the 5 month old puppy. Big mistake. Now we have a new dog, my dog, that I named Slim. My husband hates the name, but he looks like a Slim to me. He's adorable. A mix of Labrador and Australian Shepherd, so we'll see if he starts herding us in a few more months.

Take a peek at my new golden boy. And gee, he matches my sons for light colored locks. What a coincidence...


Sierra Dafoe said...

Oh Marie, he's beautiful! And such a love. I know you'll have a long and happy time together!

-- Sierra

Jess Dee said...

Ah, Marie.
He is gorgeous.
Of course you had to take him home!


Marie Harte said...

Thanks, Sierra and Jess. He's a cutie. We went for a short walk tonight and he did very well. Only chewed on the leash a few times. He only whined when he wasn't allowed to run with the 3 and 5 year olds.

:) Marie