Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big News: A Storm Is Coming

Great News! The Storm Lords are back! Storm Lords: Guardian's Redemption, will be coming out in November from Total E-Bound. Read it as a continuation of the Storm Lords or as a stand-alone. Questions asked will be answered. Allies will be revealed, and a final battle between the Storm Lords and 'Sin Garu, an evil Dark Lord out to annihilate anything Light will settle who rules the magical land of Tanselm once and for all.

I've had the book done for over a year. It's been through rewrites and critiques (thanks, Rae!) and I'm happy to say it's finally coming out. Thanks for your patience, and to everyone who kept asking me when Arim will get his story, now you know. NOVEMBER 2008.

To read an excerpt of the novel, click here.

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