Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flashback: The Talsons

For some odd reason, I was looking through my older books yesterday. I reread my fourth, unreleased Talson book, entitled Talson's Match. Man, I really liked these! Years ago, I wrote a short story, really short, like 6K words, for the now defunct Venus Press--Talson's Wait. (The incredible Dan Skinner did the covers. Check out Cerberus Inc. for more of his work.)

Anyway, my idea was for an alien race to come to earth. They looked just like us but had enhanced psychic powers. My books took place years after the Otra had landed on the planet. (Otra means "other" in Spanish. The Otra first landed in Mexico--backstory never expanded on in the books.) The titles concerned the Talson brothers. Roarke, Zaret, Val and Romy.

I pushed the envelope (so I thought) writing menage stories for the last three brothers. At the time, threesomes weren't the norm. I also had thoughts on expanding the intended four books into five or six, to include a few secondary characters in their own stories. But just as I was getting ready to submit my fourth book, Venus Press had some major issues. The VP of the company was a great businesswoman and editor, and I had no problems getting my rights back to those stories.

I've wanted to put all the stories together for resubmission elsewhere, but I'd need to totally expand the first book and reedit and revise the other three as well. I still plan to do this, but I'm so busy on other projects right now my poor Talsons fall short. Anyway, I thought I'd revisit these forgotten books for just a moment. A sentamenal "I miss you" to my old friends, the Talsons.

And just for kicks, here's the original Talson's Wait (for a limited time) if you're interested, minus Dan's cover, unfortunately, because I don't own the original artwork. Click here for Talson's Wait.

Happy Wednesday.


Caffey said...

Thanks for the TALSON'S book! I remembered this one when it was out! I had no idea more came out already but then did but was too late to get them, so I'm looking forward to whenever you get to re-release them!

Anonymous said...

Hi... I was recently re-reading the three talson's books and was curious if you were planning on releasing the 4th book?

Marie Harte said...

Hey there, Anonymous. :)

The fourth Talson book is sitting in a holding pattern.I thought about releasing the series a few years ago but would have to do some major revisions and rewrites for the books. Very few publishers take stories of 6000 words, and Talson's Wait was a little over 6K. I'd like to submit the work as a fully published set but haven't paid them much attention lately. I hope to correct that this year after my Dawn Endeavor series and a few Cougar Falls books. And trust me, after looking back at the books, there's stuff I'd change. Funny that they were ménage stories before ménage became big. Now they seem rather tame. I thought they were pretty spicy when I wrote them though. I hope you liked them.
Happy New Year!