Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Nox Liberi: EMERGENCE

From the classified files of Perimore Corp's Nox Squad Study

Nox Liberi: Night Children

A new species created by an alien virus descended to earth by way of a meteor thousands of years ago. They are the origin of the vampire myth. Allergic to garlic, sunlight and silver, they can only be killed by brain death or immolation. Stakes to the heart are an unfortunate myth.

Commonly referred to as the Nox (or vamp, a derogatory term,) these individuals possess extraordinary strength and speed, can blend into the shadows, and live to be several hundred years old. They procreate with "mates" and exhibit the same emotions most humans do. They can only feed from humans, because Nox blood is low in oxygen and other valuable nutrients the Nox need to survive. And they are uncommonly attractive, possessing a unique pheromone, what we've labeled Tilanus, that draws their prey closer before they bite. In the saliva is a toxin that causes their victims to relax inhibitions, even to become susceptible to commands.

However, an unnerving, recently documented case shows a member of the Nox Squad [eight individuals infected with the Tilanus7 strain, see ref 4.1a] as having fed from a Nox and she from him. The subject, Deacon Cain, is an ex-policeman recruited to Perimore Corp's Nox Squad for the express purpose of our secret study. Cain is belligerent, chafes against authority, and shows none of the vulnerabilities of a Nox while having all of their strengths. An invaluable source of information about hybrids, considering Cain is half human.

More to come on this subject....

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