Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Disappointing Movie Night

Okay, I caved last night. I ordered my husband to make his kick-*ss chicken wings and we watched a movie together. Normally, I type at night once the kids are in bed, but I needed a break, and hey, it was the weekend.

I get a lot of ideas from television and movies. And I've always like timetravel. But in the movie Next, starring Nicholas Cage I was let down. It's a great premise. Guy sees two minutes into his future, but when it comes to a special woman, he can see farther into the future if it concerns her. The movie had a ton of pitfalls, like why was the government spending more time looking for some psychic "kook" than the nuclear bomb ready to go off. But hey, I tried to suspend disbelief between chuckles. I'm definitely glad I didn't spend my money to catch it at the movies.

So, disappointed with that movie, I went on to watch Skinwalkers, a shapeshifter movie with promise. Alas, I met disappointment number two. Great premise here as well. Two groups of skinwalkers are after a boy prophesied to be able to change the skinwalker curse. No one is sure what exactly that means, but they all have a stake in wanting the boy. The "good" guys want to save him to get rid of the curse that demands they feed from humans, drinking their blood. The "bad" guys like the curse and revel in drinking blood because it makes them more powerful.
The movie's special effects weren't anything to write home about, but I recognized a few actors, though I can't think of their names. Problem was that it all happened so fast with not enough explanation about the boy and why they all believe/know who he is. And the ending was way too pat.

I like reading about supernatural stuff, but it's hard to find quality paranormal material in movies and TV. (And I'm talking movies, not TV series.) The movies are either filled with too much gore and not enough story, or make no sense. And on television, well, the scifi channel lately seems consumed with giant snakes, apes and crocodiles with a taste for flesh. B O R I N G. You can only take so much of overgrown lizards gobbling idiots TSTL in the jungle.

Sigh. I'm done complaining. Just wishing I could find some quality mind candy that would relieve my eye strain. But I guess I'll have to stick with books if I want a decent paranormal from now on.


Grammar Geek said...

I've been feeling the same way.. Romantic comedies that are neither romantic nor funny (The Ex), Monster movies that don't scare or intrigue (Cloverfield), MOTW with eye-roll-worthy acting.

Where's the good movies? The ones that grab you and pull you into their world and keep you there for a rocking good two hours?

All I seem to get are ones that make me wander into the kitchen to do the dishes. *sigh* (And I hate doing dishes.)

Marie Harte said...

Heh heh. Me too. Though I'll take dishes over laundry any day, Laurie.

and speaking of laundry, there are 3 piles right now screaming my name. sigh