Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Backlist Tuesday: Darkson's Forfeit

It's backlist Tuesday, and I thought I'd share a story I haven't paid much attention to in a while, focused on new titles. And in light of Amber Quill's Heat Wave contest, which ends today, it's a fitting post.

I submitted Darkson's Forfeit in January 2006, a short fantasy piece about a female warrior bent on protecting her kingdom from a selfish queen on the throne and the dangerous general plotting to take over. I liked the story, LOVED the title, and it was my first open-ended tale, since I didn't wrap up anything but the romance between the hero and heroine, yet the ending fit.

Here's a blurb, and if you'd like to read an excerpt, click below.

The lands of Soloria are rich and fertile, the envy of all who seek comfort in a harsh world. Tendra Val’ore is captain of Soloria’s Royal Guard, a mainstay during Soloria’s trying times to keep the peace. Dedicated to preserving her people’s way of life, she is sickened by her vain, self-absorbed cousin, the queen. As if her selfishness weren’t bad enough, the queen has invited Soloria’s most dangerous enemy into the keep, the dreaded Darkson Axe, General Roane Faxon... Roane wants Soloria, and if the price he pays must be marriage to a stunning but spoiled queen, so be it. But when he sets eyes on the queen’s captain, lust and a curious liking hit him hard. The warrior-woman Tendra is not only beautiful, but strong of mind and spirit. When the queen’s motives prove malicious, only Tendra has the power to stay his hand of vengeance. But will her forfeit be enough to win Roane’s affections, or will war tear Tendra’s land and heart asunder?

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