Monday, June 6, 2011

Save Money, PreOrder!

I've never been into the concept of buying something now that I won't get until later. I'm all about the "now." But in an effort to save money, I've been looking around at the different publishers I buy from and have seen a growing trend: preordering.

At Samhain, their new releases are cheaper to buy if you purchase right away or preorder than if you wait. Right now my upcoming release, Storming His Heart, is only $3.15, when it's normal price will be $4.50. Samhain's upcoming print releases are as much as $5 off. In fact, you can buy books at Samhain that don't come out til July 5th at a discount. No, I'm not being paid to promote. I'm a reader as much as I'm a writer. And when I see bargains, I like to share the good news. I knew that the new releases were discounted, but I hadn't realized the coming soon books were as well.

So that's my money-saving tip of the day.

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