Friday, June 3, 2011

Fly-Fly-Flyin' Away

Oh man. I have been spacey and just out of it, and editing like mad. I had one of those bad, wasted days on Monday. Not a good time considering I have so much to do. Then I got massive edits on Whispered Words, due out later in the summer from Loose Id--so long as I get my butt in gear and edit. And I got final line edits for Storming His Heart, which at this point is pretty much a read-through to make sure nothing was missed. It's already been edited.

Add to this I'm getting ready for some summer travel, I have another book to turn in next week that's just about there, and I've become a night owl because day time is now for the kiddos. And trust me, my 7 yr old likes nothing better than to take me to task if I'm not giving him enough attention. Kid's like my mini-me. And I don't mean that in a good way. Sigh.

NOTE: I also know I'm behind on my contests. I have 5 more giveaways to get through. And they're all gonna be done by next week! Yes, I can and will do it!

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