Thursday, July 22, 2010

So Now What?

This is me, a bit baffled, kind of lost, and somewhat dazed.

There's an odd sense of finality when a book is released. All that work, sweat and swearing when revisions and edits come due. Blurb sheets and cover art requests. More edits. Line edits. Final line edits. And then all the hard work is done, and the book is out there, available to readers. Where anyone can see it. I get shivers of excitement. Tingles down my spine. And then it's the next day, and the next. And the future beckons...

What's next on the agenda?

For the first time in a while, I'm at odd ends. My contracted work has been completed with Gunnar's Game. I have a few ideas for projects I mean to work on, but nothing concrete until I get some words on paper--er, the screen.

I can't stop going to the Ellora's Cave site to see my newest release there. It's silly, but it took a long time for that book to see the light of day. I still have the original version of Namesake, actually a different story altogether set several hundred years after Namesake actually takes place. A story about all sorts of Voiders now at war with the mysterious Dekken mentioned briefly in Namesake. See, that could be my next book. But it isn't.

I still plan to start work on Grady's story, about a mountain lion shapeshifter, set in the town of Cougar Falls. At least, that's my intention. But my muse is kicking around other stories. A novella for Kate and her two Ravager lovers, introduced in Namesake. Then there's the story of the wolf that got away, Fenris's twin, a companion piece to Enemy Red, which came out with Total E-Bound last year.

Folks have asked when I'm going to write James's story, one of the demon twins related to characters from The Dragons' Demon and Duncan's Descent, from Samhain. Readers would like to know when the brothers from Enjoying the Show will get their stories. And another popular request, what about Adrian and Lucas from Firebreather, a polyamorous, dragon shapeshifter series that I wrote a few years ago for Amber Quill?

There are many roads to take, but I have to start with one. A great big map with a YOU ARE HERE sticker would be nice. Well, at least with school soon starting I can get back into a regular routine. I have a lot of stories to write, but not a lot of time to get to them right now. And I really miss daytime writing. Because writing at night leaves me cranky in the morning.

On another note, I've gotten some terrific feedback on Namesake, so thanks to those who shared positive reactions to the book. I just handed in first edits on Foxy Lady and am close to finishing first edits on Gunnar's Game--I'm very excited to see that one hit readers. It turned out much better than I'd hoped. And man, was that book a real kick in the pants to finish.

And speaking of kick in the pants, it's time to take my boys swimming. The writing will have to wait until later tonight. Sigh. Hurray for summer.


Debra Beagle said...

Love your work! Patiently waiting on Gunnar's story :), the Circes are my favorites, but I have to tell you I LOVED NAMESAKE! Just finished it and posted a 5 star review of it at EC. An awesome new world that I truly hope you write more about. From your blog it seems like you are at a crossroads. Hoping for more Circes (love the psychic ones) and the Voiders world is great too. You are auto buy for me and many other readers. Hoping LooseId and EC realize that!

Marie Harte said...

Hey Debra.

I'm so glad you liked NAMESAKE, as well as the Circ stories. I have to flesh out my psychics, but I've been toying around with them as a new project for Loose Id, if the powers-that-be there like the idea once I hit them with it. GUNNAR'S GAME introduces some fun guys I took a shine to. Keegan, James, and a few others. I have great ideas for the guys, but the psychic stories would be totally unrelated to any of my Circ stories. I think I've run those guys to ground with Gunnar's story.

I have to thank you for the kind words. As an addicted reader, I know the joy I find when reading an author who can take me away for a while. If I've done that for you, it makes me feel as if I'm on the right track with my writing. Finally! Thanks much, Debra, and happy reading!!!