Monday, July 26, 2010

The Return of the...Writer!

Yes! I have once again found my way.

I've just returned from my--thankfully--last vacation of the summer. Don't get me wrong. I'm not upset with taking a break from the daily doldrums of life. But man, all this traveling is making me want to put down roots and not move again for a year at least.

We spent the last two days in Atlanta, or should I say, HOTlanta. One day spent at Stone Mountain, and all I can say about that place is that I finally visited. Not worth the hassle at all except for the rockin' laser show at night. We spent today at a waterpark. And that was fantastic. So now my husband can claim that he too had a vacation, though it was short lived. (Poor guy. But hey, the job calls, right?)

I've spent the last week doing revisions and edits on my already submitted stories. I like editing, kind of. It's challenging, and it's like a real clean-up that doesn't involve dust rags or a vacuum. My edits on Foxy Lady were rough, but thorough. If you don't like the story, you can't blame anyone BUT me, because the cover is beautiful, and my editor really knows her stuff. I've done first edits for Gunnar's Game, and I feel almost spoiled because there's nothing to revise. For once, just minor edits!! Yippee! At least, that's until it hits the line editors, so I should probably cool it on that note.

I just now finished first edits on The Fire Within, my first Storm Lords book, which Total E-Bound is releasing in August. Man, talk about stuff that slipped through the cracks on this book! All I can say is I'm sorry to readers who read this years ago. Not for the story, which I still love, but for the errors, inconsistencies, and redundancies. Those are fixed now, by the by, and I'm feeling pretty good.

I've had a lot of great feedback on Namesake, and I have to thank the readers very much. They've been posting great reviews for it on the EC website when you pull up the book, so my worries that the book might not find an audience seem not to be an issue. And my editor at EC was great to work with, so I think it's time to work on my next Voiders story in between cougar shapeshifters finding love.

Time to write about Kate, Logan and Jesse in Cross Step, as well as Grady and Gabby in Cougar Falls. Voiders and shapeshifters, here we come!

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