Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Shore

When you grow up in the Northeast, you never go up to the shore. You go "down the shore." I live in Georgia, but a week ago I packed up to go down the shore. And here we are, this Saturday afternoon. Except we're inside getting ready to go see a movie. The rain has kept the beaches fairly empty today.

We're in Cape May, NJ (the setting of my Circe's Recruits books.) My grandfather has a place here, and I grew up coming to the beach during the summers. I love it here, where the sunsets normally look like this.

And Victorian Cape May has bed and breakfast inns that look like this (The Abbey.)

But because of the rain, we're heading to see Despicable Me in a few. We've already seen Toy Story 3 (A+ TERRIFIC) and The Last Airbender (B-, the cartoons are so much better). Hey, it's summer and I have little boys. Rainy days beg for movies.

Now I really need to download my vacation pictures and share them. More to come. Hopefully, before I turn 80.

Happy Saturday.


Elle said...

Growing up in the Baltimore area, my family went 'down the shore, hon' for our summer vacations (though we always went to Ocean City, MD)... ah, fond memories. :)

Marie Harte said...

Hey Elle. I went to Ocean City, MD once as a kid. I went with my friend and her parents. Had a fun time, but it wasn't the same as a Jersey boardwalk with lots of Italians, water ices, and big hair. Still, I did get pooped on by a seagull in Ocean City, and according to some, that's good luck. haha