Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Release: NAMESAKE

NAMESAKE is finally here!

Today is the day! Namesake is now available from Ellora's Cave. My first release with this publisher, but hopefully not my last.

Namesake Blurb:

In the year 2078, Cross Step, Kansas, is now home to strange portals called Voids. Norms (normal people), Voiders (those who came through the Voids) and Conduits (humans affected by the Voids) all live together, segregated from the rest of the world.

Vicki is a Conduit, a human with the psychic ability to tap into the energy around her. A mistake at a bar puts her under the scrutiny of one very hungry Ravager pack, werewolf-like Voiders who like what they see.

Eric isn’t just any Ravager, he’s Prime, the king of his clan. He takes what he wants, when he wants it—and he wants Vicki. It’ll take more than her sneaking, conniving and seductive ways to dissuade his interest. Because in Vicki, Eric and his packmates have something much more precious than a rare queen…they have a woman to love forever.

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Tina said...

Liked it a lot. It was different but definitely looking forward to reading others. Haven't read any of your books, I haven't liked.

Marie Harte said...

Thanks, Tina. Yeah, the book had a different feel. Made it fresh for me, at least. Doorways to other worlds and universes. Right up my alley--bizarre. Shapeshifers who aren't exactly shapeshifters, with lots of S-E-X and action in the mix. Hard to go wrong with those ingredients. :) Now I just hope the next one I write (set in the Voiders world) will be as entertaining.

Smiles, Marie

sunny said...

Just wanted to say that I loved this book as much as I loved the Circe's Recruits series. I can't wait to read future books.

CopperGoddess said...

This book was worth waiting for. And yes, this new world of yours and the characters that inhabit it are very interesting. Can't wait to see who or what comes next.

Marie Harte said...

Thanks a lot, Sunny. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!



Marie Harte said...

Hey CopperGoddess.

You think those Voiders were interesting? Wait until you read about Tommy Chen! I intend to write Kate, Logan and Jesse's story first, though. Then I'll cross my fingers that my editor likes it enough to accept it. Guess it's time to start writing, eh?

Thanks for the note, and for taking a chance on Namesake!