Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Talk About a Surprise!!

So today, as I'm going through my email, I see a note from Loose Id. My author copies of Circe's Recruits should be arriving soon. ??

The entire Circe's Recruits series is in electronic format, so I was pretty confused. Still, a kernel of hope bubbled inside. Had they emailed me in error, or was my book going to be in tangible pages? I sent back a question and received my answer.

Circe's Recruits, containing Roane and Zack & Ace, is now in print and newly available from Amazon and B&N! There are also plans to release Derrick and Hale, either separately or together, but no exact dates yet.

I'm really excited, because I loved this series and reader response has been terrific--enough that I've written a second series of Circ books, the first of which will be out from Loose Id in Feb or March, 2010.

So check out Circe's Recruits. I think I'm actually going to ask my local B&N to stock it in the store, which might require a book signing. Whatever, so long as I can see my pretty cover!

Happy Wednesday!


Elle said...

Congrats!!! That's fantastic news!

Marie Harte said...

Thanks, Elle. I'm stoked to see the book. :) Marie

Marquete Williams said...

Kudos Marie on your print book!!! What a surprise is right!!!



Marquete Williams said...

Kudos, Marie on your print book!!! That would be a VERY NICE surprise!!!