Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Reads: SATURNALIA

I love reading in general, but at certain times of the year, I like a bit of holiday flavor with my romance. In my own stable of books, I have an unconventional Christmas story that's fun, sexy and involves a trio of lovers.

The heroine celebrates Christmas, but her heroes participate in Saturnalia, a Roman festival which gives tribute to the god Saturn, in thanks for plentiful harvests. I've taken A LOT of liberties with the actual festival, with the exception of the dates it's observed. Saturnalia: Lord of Misrule is a sexy short story from Loose Id.

Each year, Saturn requires special tribute, and he prefers abundance in sexual favor, suitable "sacrifice" for the god of nature and the harvest.

Matteo Silvano and Renato Fortuna are up to the task, both charged with continuing their town's prosperity. Used to sharing women, the two are drawn toward something deeper than friendship with the addition of uniquely lovely Allegra Valente.

And when the proper tribute is paid, Saturn will reward not only the town, but Matt, Renato, and Allegra with a very special gift that will last an eternity.
To read an excerpt, click here.

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