Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Karma

Karma is a wonderful thing. While the holiday season puts many folks in terrific spirits, it also brings the mean out of them. (Disclaimer: I've witnessed most of these instances; I haven't necessarily been a victim of them all.) If you find yourself doing one of the following things listed below... DON'T. Words to live by.

1. cutting in line.
2. not letting cars go ahead who've been patiently waiting
3. taking the last item you know someone else has been eyeing, because it must be great even though you don't want it.
4. texting while driving
5. swearing in front of small children
6. dissing Santa in front of small children (come on, people!)
7. buying for yourself instead of family and friends
8. ranting when you should be happy...

Uh oh, I subscribe to number 8. Guess I'd better shut up and be pleasant, though it's killing me.

Back to edits... One manuscript done, another waiting for work. Ho ho ho.

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Anonymous said...

Marie, you are so, your wonderful husband who has done none of the aforementioned bad deeds.