Monday, December 7, 2009

LIFE IN THE VRAIL VOL. 1 Now available!!

Ack. Talk about getting your dates wrong! Today is the release day for my new print anthology, Life in the Vrail: Volume one. Life in the Vrail is the name of the "series" of books about characters set in the Vrail solar system. I hesitate to call my book a series because you don't have to read one to understand another. Characters overlap, but that's about as connected as the stories get.

Lurin's Surrender and The Thief of Mardu are combined in one pretty print edition in Volume One. Rumor has it Engaging Gren and Seriana Found might be seeing print in volume two.

All four stories were previously released with another publisher but have been extensively revised and reedited for Total E-Bound. Click here to read more...

And to see what else Total E-Bound has out, to include new audio books, e-releases, print books, and free reads, click here.

Happy Monday!!

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