Sunday, May 17, 2009


I've been working on Lurin's Surrender (to be released by Total E-Bound) for DAYS. LS was my first novel released years ago. It was interesting to go back through and read it again. Holy Crap! Talk about needing a rewrite. It just showed me that even back then, NCP was not into edits.

Having learned a good bit in the time since, I think I'm a much stronger writer. And I'd hope, a better one. So my intent to polish the story turned into a rebuild. All week long and ALL DAY today I worked on that @#@#!! story. I just sent it in to my publisher.

Fingers crossed. In July, when my revamp of The Thief of Mardu was going to be released, LS will be taking its place, followed by The Thief of Mardu later in the year. Though all the books can be read by themselves, some of the characters are mentioned again later in other books. Captain Mara finds her mate in Lurin's Surrender, and Catam of Mardu, one of her bounty hunters, finds the love of his life in The Thief of Mardu.

The Fas brothers, Nu and Set, recently had their story told in Creating Chemistry. And it's fun to see them interacting with their crew in the first books. I loved those guys!

Next on the horizon for TEB, a werewolf tale, and then a follow up to Creation's Control, following Tarn, Drekk's distant relative. An alien even among aliens who's full-out headed for love...and doesn't know it.

Chow for now, and on to new work!

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